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Lawyer blog is number one at Google

I‘ve been evangelizing that lawyers can reach number one in the search engines if they are willing to post content helpful to their target audience on a regular basis. Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs is now living proof of this. Did a Google search tonight for – lawyer blogs – and low and behold my blog is number one.

This is a big deal as I would rather have my blog up at number one before my company site of The reason is that my potential customers are first looking to learn about blogs, how they are published, how they work and the marketing benefits of having a blog. Customers want to learn about blogs before they buy. They then click over to our company site from the links on my blog. It’s the same when marketing legal services.

Business people, in-house counsel, referring lawyers and consumers are increasingly using Google when looking for legal information. If you or your law firm’s practice group has a law blog which includes information on the on the topic these folks are searching on, you’ll be near the top of the search engines. Law marketing is information based – we do seminars, we write articles, we do webinars – all to grow our business. Blogs are as information based as any marketing.
Law firm Web sites don’t achieve these top search engine results. One, the lion’s share of the content on a law firm site is about lawyers and the firm – not informative on the legal subject people are searching for at Google. Google likes helpful, not promotional information. Two, Web sites are not updated regularly. Google wants regular updates. And three, with other sites link to blogs with helpful information. Google likes links.

I am not sure what lawyers and law firms are waiting for. Law blogs are not that too hard to publish. Add a brief post to the blog a couple or three times a week. What’s it take? An hour or so? That’s less time than doing seminars, articles and hosting client events.

Law blogs can be topic and geographic focused. That’s ideal when it comes to what your prospective clients are looking for on Google. They’ll look and you’ll be far above your and your competitor’s law firm Web sites in the search engine results.
Law blogs are very cost effective. Two hundred bucks a month gets a professionally designed blog site, hosting, tech support, search engine optimization, support on what & how to blog and marketing of the blog. That’s peanuts compared to other marketing expenses.

As an added plus law blog marketing keeps giving and giving. Your law firm’s topic area expertise is stored digitally for years and years. When businesses, in-house counsel, referring lawyers and consumers do a search on your area of law your law blog will be at the top of Google. And that’s a good place to be.

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