By Kevin O'Keefe

Law firms take note, RSS for blog feeds on Apple’s new Internet browser

apple-logo.jpgLaw blogs are really taking off as a way for lawyers to both to receive and broadcast information. Steve Jobs in his keynote address today to a congregation of 3,500 registered Apple developers at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference said:

RDF Site Summary (RSS) is an increasingly popular method that online users have of checking updated content on the Web sites they visit regularly. It’s supported by many news sites, Weblogs (blogs) and others, and it’s led to the development of a cottage industry of shareware and freeware RSS readers. The Tiger version of Safari, Apple’s own home-grown Web browser, will sport integrated RSS aggregation including a new RSS-based search feed.

It was just a few weeks ago that Bill Gates announced to Microsoft’s CEO Summit that email and Web sites were an outdated way of communicating with current and prospective business customers. Gates called email obtrusive and pointed out the obvious problem with a Web site – people needed to remember to check back for updates. Gates suggested that the simple technology of Blogs and their RSS feeds were the answer.

Appears the Steve Jobs is trying to get Apple out in front before Gates brings Blogs and RSS technology to all desktops in the world through Outlook, Internet Explorer or Microsoft’s new operating system, Longhorn. Man, things out here on the West Coast, though not exploding like the late 90’s with all the dotcoms and Web sites, are at least starting to roll again.

Also looks to me like lawyers, law firms and their law marketing folks are going to be learning a new way of marketing in a hurry to replace and complement current Webs sites and email newsletters.

Kevin O'Keefe
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