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How to buy or sell ads on lawyer blog

For the lawyer and law firm looking for a way to advertise their legal services on a blog or a way to sell advertising on their legal blog, here’s three different ways you can do it. The info is courtesy of an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


Advertisers go to Blogads and choose the sites they want to appear on. Prices range from $5 a week on Heretical Ideas to $700 a week on Daily Kos.

Most sites cost $20 to $50 a week, with discounts for monthly contracts. Blogads gets 20 percent of the rate; the blog gets the rest.

Blogads is the leading player dedicated to blogs. There is a category for law blogs accepting ads and a few good lawyer blogs accepting ads. Though the prices are low, it’s still tough to find a blog whose readers are within the same topic and geographic the lawyer is targeting.

Google Adsense

As opposed to picking the site a lawyer wants to advertise on, a lawyer picks words relevant to their practice area and locale. Google Adsense then displays their ad on sites that have those selected words in the content of site displaying the ads.

Bloggers accepting such ads on their blog say they like this approach because it provides relatively unobtrusive ads their readers might want to see.

Advertisers pay Google each time a user clicks on their ads. Google gives a portion of this revenue to the site where the ad appears. Google won’t disclose its prices or revenue share, and it forbids bloggers from disclosing them.

Amazon Associates

It’s not really advertising but Amazon. com offers bloggers and other Web sites a way to make money since through its longstanding Associates program.

Blog sites link content on their site to books, consumer electronics and other products sold on Amazon. If a visitor clicks on the link and buys the product, the Web site gets a percentage of the revenue. This cut has been as high as 15 percent but is currently 2.5 to 10 percent, depending on the product.

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