By Kevin O'Keefe

Ads on lawyer blog not worth it

I have been asked by lawyers again about allowing ads on their blog or planning for the inclusion of ads in the future. I still say no and the evidence backs me up. Note their could be an exception where a blogger happens to be a lawyer but is not using the blog to market their law practice.

The San Francisco Chronicle, in an article about how ads can make bloggers money, ironically provides the strongest evidence why lawyers should pass on ads on their blogs. The Times reports that though some top bloggers who carry advertising make hundreds or, in a few cases, thousands of dollars a month, the typical take is more like $20 to $50 a month.

Attorneys and law firms are not going to get into the high revenue category. At the low end if a lawyer is worried about earning enough to covers the cost of running a blog site, they have more problems than worrying about ads on lawyer blogs.

Maybe I am old fashioned but ads do not belong on a lawyers net presence. Heck why not wear ads on suits when we go into court so we can cover the cost of parking. We could put stickers for Office Max and Kinkos on our briefcases – we could pick up $30 per month. I’m sure our clients would be real impressed.

If you get to the point where your blog becomes a magazine with a huge audience, such as Glenn Reynold’s InstaPundit with 150,000 page views and 110,000 visits per day, go for it. Until then, go slow on ads.

Kevin O'Keefe
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