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Google launches Blogger overhaul

In an attempt to attract more blog publishers Google has launched a Blogger overhaul. For those not following the blogging world, Google bought Blogger a ways back with the view being people would use an Internet publishing tool that could display Google advertising. Besides a new look, Blogger has added different user options in hope of making blogging easier and more web friendly.

I commend Google for making the move to make Internet publishing readily accessible for people. In addition, with the Google style of keeping things simple, clean and easy to use I think they are going to attract a lot of users.

Unless a lawyer is going to use Blogger for personal use or for a hobby, I do not see Blogger as practical tool for lawyers. Sure it’s free but it’s lacking in features and do you really want a billboard advertisement on the top of your blog – your on line professional magazine.

Anyhow, here’s a the lowdown on Blogger’s new features:

  • Bloggers can now post to their blog by using email (on most blog platforms)
  • now features profile pages. (all blog platforms have)
  • The inclusion of permalink pages. Each post on your blog, besides being on the main page, will have its own page that uses a unique URL. (this varies from blog platforms and is important because of value of search engines in finding page)
  • Bloggers have 33 blog templates to choose from when creating their blog site. (they are okay and easy to use but a professional, like a lawyer, would not want to use for their business)

Now from our developer’s office here’s the top ten features Blogger is lacking as compared to lexBlog’s offerings:

  • No content.
  • No category archive to index posts.
  • No customization allowing for integration of ‘static content’ and ‘blogged content.’
  • No custom design.
  • Requires education and work on lawyer’s part on how to blog and what to publish.
  • Ads.
  • No support.
  • No control over software.
  • No targeted search engine optimization.
  • No cool map. ;)

Bottom line, is a cool Web based product but so were the solutions AOL and GeoCities offered to create your own Web site years back. It’s just that just like those free Web sites a lawyer requires a lot more in a blog site.

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