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Another lawyer’s blog works for marketing

Jerry Lawson’s elawyerblog reports of another lawyer experiencing marketing success from their blog. In an email to Jerry, this ‘blogging lawyer’ (don’t you love that phrase ‘blogging lawyer’) said it was just like Jerry predicted:

My experience: my blog went on-line in January 2004. Get 200-400 hits a day already (our firm’s website gets about that many a month). Reading my TypePad stats is interesting…it doesn’t take much blogging for you to suddenly be ranked high in Google for key words you find desirable: [Omitted–four examples where the author’s blog was ranked number one by Google for certain key phrases relevant to his area of legal practice]

I could go on for days and days with such examples….just like your articles would have predicted it.

Not wanting to alert competitors, the lawyer’s locale and practice area were intentionally withheld.