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Bloglet offers email subscription plug-in

Bloglet offers a method for bloggers using a blogging software platform that does not allow users to subscribe by email to use Bloglet for this service. Go to the Bloglet site to sign up and Bloglet will generate the html code that you cut and paste into one of side columns in your blog template. Please be careful in the use of Bloglet as I and others using it found it very unreliable in updating subscribers. Emails to the bloglet folks about the problems did not bring a response.

For users of TypePad, you will need to be subscribed at the Pro level so you may modify the templates for your blog at the ‘advanced level.’ Because Bloglet is object based, the plug-in does not reside on the blogging software servers and the emails of subscribers are stored in a data base at Bloglet. You will be able to log in and see the list of subscribers.

Bloglet is easy to use:

  1. Signup with Bloglet
  2. Place the subscription form on your site
  3. Your readers subscribe through this form
  4. Every day, readers receive a single email from Bloglet informing them of your site updates

For TypePad users, one of the questions you will be asked is the address for your server. Just use the url address you reach when you login: .

Two things you should note. Bloglet will not send the title of the post generated by Moveable Type or TypePad. In addition any post you save as a ‘draft’ will be sent out to email subscribers since Bloglet sends out all the content received from an XML-RPC request.

So if you save posts in draft form before publishing them to your blog you are out of luck. Also, if you are in the habit of making changes on posts after you read them in your blog, those changes will not be picked up by email subscribers.

Pushing content to readers by RSS works better for you and readers who use a news aggregator. But in this land where our customers/readers are king, offering syndication by email is great to have as most folks do not yet use news aggregators.

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