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LawTechGuru opted for blog over Web site

Jerry Lawson, leading authority on the legal industry’s use of technology, reported on his eLawyer Blog that LawTechGuru (Jeff Beard) understands the power of a lawyer blog.

Writing on the ABA Lawtech listserv, Jeff says:

Here’s to working smarter in an *appropriate* way. It’s one of the reasons I opted for creating a blog instead of a web site. The RSS feeds coupled with the inbound links from other bloggers makes for a lot of extra site traffic and higher search result rankings with virtually no additional effort beyond the normal content generation. Thus blogging is succeeding due to both its technological innovation as well as its social leveraging (I like to call it social engineering) — of which the latter is not nearly understood as well by the masses in this context.

Maybe it’s just me but it’s starting to feel like it’s ‘back to the future.’ Just 5 or 6 years ago innovative lawyers ran with Web sites as a way to promote their expertise. Now innovative lawyers are running to the blog. Just like with other technological advances time brings greater efficiencies. Blogs have made lawyer promotion on the net more effective and less expensive.

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