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Blog template

A good lawyer blog template varies. It all depends on what works best for the lawyer’s marketing efforts and what the lawyer feels the most comfortable with. The great thing about a blog is that a blog allows the categories, or sections of the blog, to be modified easily without any knowledge of computer coding.

I suggest a template that covers the following:

  • Law summary (easy to read overview on area of law in which lawyer ‘specializes’)
    • Substantive law on topic
    • Procedures
    • FAQ’s
  • Legal updates (statutory, regulatory & case law updates on area of law)
  • News stories (concerning area of law from various media sources: newspapers, magazines, bar & trade journals, newsletters, & blogs)
  • Commentarty & insight (lawyer’s comment on law & news with suggested action, if any)
  • The lawyer
    • Background info
    • Successes
    • Testimonials
    • Self Interview to personalize & demonstrate pride in profession
  • Current lawyer activities
    • Cases
    • Speaking
    • Writing
    • Civic activity
    • Pro bono
  • The law firm
    • History
    • Areas of practice
    • Industries/people represented
    • Testimonials
    • Successes
    • News
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