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LawStreet > Launches Legal Marketing Service in Rhode Island

LawStreet to Launch Legal Marketing Service in Rhode Island. Looks like LawStreet is launching a product akin to or’s legal services by request. Can they make it work?

Little information is provided in this release but looks like this is service where lay people complete a form describing their situation and subscribing lawyers are then notified of a client who is a good fit so they may respond to the anonymous client.

I have always liked the name LawStreet, and the energy of of their CEO when we met a few years ago, but the offerings on their site such as the ability to ask a lawyer a question or to find a lawyer in a directory have always been very weak. In most places I ever searched for a lawyer in a directory or a lawyer to ask on LawStreet, there were no lawyers. Lot of fluff with no stuff.

Lawstreet will need to prove to Rhode Island lawyers that times are a changing for LawStreet and that this service will work for lawyers and consumers.

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