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Internet marketing for mass torts > Johnnie Cochran style

It’s reported by ‘The Florida Trend – Florida’s Source For Business NewsFlorida,’ trial lawyers John Morgan and Johnnie Cochran are to deploy a consumer Internet portal for law firms seeking to market mass tort practices.

Morgan of the Orlando law firm Morgan, Colling & Gilbert (MGC), his wife and Johnnie Cochran, along with Pensacola trial lawyers J. Michael Papantonio and Fred Levin, own a consulting firm called Practice Made Perfect, which handles marketing and advertising for law firms around the country. Now they will expand to the Internet – based on the track record of Morgan and Cochran you can expect it will be big time.

Practice Made Perfect aims to use its relationships with other firms to get referrals of mass tort cases to the partners. It’s reported MCG handled 1,800 breast-implant cases against Dow-Corning, many still unsettled in the wake of Dow bankruptcy. It also carried 1,000 Fen-Phen cases, all of which have been settled.

Morgan is building the consumer portal on the internet with data from all 50 states, where people can look up everything from nursing home rankings to physician discipline records. He wants the portal to become the place consumers check before they hire a plastic surgeon or choose a nursing home. The portal will be part of not just MCG’s website but also the Practice Made Perfect package. Firms will be able to make it the back end of their website as an add-on, the way they can now choose to have their calls routed to MCG’s call center. 1,000 calls a day come into the MCG call center which is staffed 24 hours a day with 40 ‘intake specialists’ who sit in front of computers and field the of calls.

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