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Your firm history should be included on your Web site. It’s important for people to understand your point of view. Do not be too long though. Most people do not care about your firm history per se. It will not be the determining factor for clients hiring you.

Be careful not to create a history to ‘play up’ to senior lawyers in your firm or to stroke your ego. People already think lawyers are too pompous. Do not turn prospective clients off by adding to the problem.

Be proud of how your firm started. Even if you just put out your shingle after law school, tell the story of how scared you were, how clients came and how things have grown. If you are just getting started, tell folks what you hope to achieve.

If a number of lawyers came together to start a firm, tell people why. Tell them what attracted you to work together. Tell people why practicing together allows you to serve your clients and your community better.

If your firm has rich history, tell a story as opposed to presenting a drab rendition that will just bore people. If one of the name partners is no longer practicing perhaps a story beginning “Who is Mrs. or Mr.” would serve you well.

If you have been around for a number of years tell a story about what your city, town or region was like at the time the law firm was started. Describe the primary industries, traffic layout, modes of transportation, sports teams and schools prevalent at the time. Tell folks how proud you are of the area’s growth. They likley will be too.

Another idea would be to provide an evolving history and vision covering the firms:

  • Early foundation;
  • Strong leadership;
  • Emerging practice areas; and
  • Continued success & growth

Firm history is a good time to express yourself. Bare your soul a bit. Do not miss a good opportunity for you to show people you have feelings and emotions just like them.

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