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Promotional content > what it is

Promotional content is the part of your site where you tell folks who you are, what you are doing and how you could help them. You’ll cover things such as the firm history, people & industries served, areas of practice, lawyer bios, pro bono work and news about your law firm.

There are three keys to keep in mind when publishing promotional content:

  1. Know your target audience. The information presented and the manner in which it is presented differ based on the prospective clients you are trying to reach.
  2. Your target audience extends beyond prospective clients to existing clients, the public and the media.
  3. Describe what you are doing now, not six months or a year ago when your Web site was last redone. Promotional content must be updated on a regular basis.

What do you need to cover in promotional content?

  • Introduction to the firm
  • Firm profile covering:
    • Firm’s history
    • Geographic area served
    • Firm’s areas of expertise
    • Clients represented
    • Testimonials
    • Awards, success stories & case victories
    • Pro bono and community activity
    • Information on fees
  • Case studies
  • Lawyer bios
  • Documents collection
  • Media information

Detail on what you should include in each segment is covered in following sections. The manner in which this content will be laid out on your Web site will be covered in the site navigation section.

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