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Martindale-Hubbell Signs Agreement with MSN to Power New “Locate a Lawyer” Link on What does it mean for you?

November 28, 2003

Martindale-Hubbell’s new deal tells us they are going to spend what ever sum necessary to bring traffic to the directory. Though some positive news for lawyers who subscribe to Martindale and pay for a ‘home page,’ there remains the issue of how often users will reach your listing.

A user from Houston, whether arriving from MSN or elsewhere, will find over 205 law firms listed when doing a search for a Houston bankruptcy lawyer. Over 150 of the law firms bought a ‘home page’ providing the advantage of being listed in the top 150 firms retrieved in the search.

Houston lawyers who are board certified in bankruptcy and specialize in representing debtors are shuffled among lawyers who have never represented a debtor in bankruptcy. Not until a user starts to open up all those listings would they be able to to distinguish one lawyer from another, all of them claiming by virtue of checking a box on a sales form that they do bankruptcy work. Ask yourself how often you click and read through 50 listings on the Internet when selecting a service or product.

Point is a good lawyer should look closely at what they are getting. Sure it may be worth their while to pay for a listing at but understand it will not be all that easy for you to distinguish yourself from other lawyers less equipped to help a person looking for a good lawyer.

A good Web site with some search engine optimization work may come up near the top of the list when doing a google search for Houston bankruptcy lawyer. Plus paid sponsorships under google ‘adwords’ would be available in the right hand column of google.

On a quick google search today for Houston bankruptcy lawyer I saw some good opportunities were I a board certified lawyer doing debtors or creditors work. A top five search result listing with the title “Board certified debtors bankruptcy lawyer for 25 years” would stick out pretty nice.

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