"Twitter for Professionals" — webinar recording now available

Thanks to all who attended "Twitter for Professionals" yesterday morning (or afternoon, for the East Coast folks). LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe shared the strategies he follows when using Twitter for professional and business development. Kevin started off with a simple question: why should you consider using Twitter?  Twitter is a way to "instantly connect with … Continue Reading

"Beyond Blogging: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn" — webinar recording now available

Thanks to all who attended today’s webinar "Beyond Blogging: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn" — we had some great questions from the audience, and have already heard of at least one new Twitter account created as a result! LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe provided an overview of these three social media powerhouses and how attorneys and other … Continue Reading

"Beyond Blogging: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn" – LexBlog Client Webinar on June 28

A blog is just one element of social media. You might also have a Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn account, or perhaps you’re curious about using these tools and want to know more. If you are like many professionals, you may be wondering how to best utilize these services for business development purposes. On Tuesday, June … Continue Reading

19% of Internet users use Twitter or update status site : Up nearly 100% since April

The public’s growing use of Twitter or other services to share updates provides fertile ground for lawyers to network and engage their target audience. Per a just released survey on Twitter and Status Updating from the Pew Internet & American Life Project: Some 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service … Continue Reading

Law blogs far from dead in this world of microblogging : Blogging is on the rise

New media author and consultant, Louis Gray, reporting from Blog World ’09, blogs that even in this age of microblogging (Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed), blogs are far from dead. Even as the microblogging space seems to be white hot these days, the world of longer-form blogging is still seeing impressive growth, with all major blogging platforms … Continue Reading

Big debate whether Twitter works for client development is much a do about nothing

It’s foolish to argue whether legal professionals can use a social media tool such as Twitter for effective client development when many lawyers and other legal professionals are already doing so. Twitter’s just a tool, among many other social media and networking tools. If Twitter fits within your client development strategy, you’ve figured out how … Continue Reading

Twitter for client development for lawyers : Being an intelligence agent as good as it gets

Imagine 15 years ago as a practicing lawyer taking 30 minutes in the morning to skim news headlines from 400 or 500 reliable news sources you selected because they offered news and commentary related to your work as well as monitoring keywords relevant to your area of law (clients’ names, subjects, cases, and the like) … Continue Reading

Bodine in Marketing the Law Firm Newsletter : Twitter is a waste of time for client development

With legal marketing professionals opining Twitter is a waste of time for client development, it’s no wonder lawyers are in a time warp when it comes to adopting innovative and effective technologies. Where is a seasoned lawyer looking to build and foster relationships with clients, prospective clients, referral sources, and the influencers of those three … Continue Reading

Journalist Ron Sylvester and innovative court reporting

I’m the newbie here at LexBlog, and I’ve noticed one thing right away. Kevin is always on Twitter. But that’s nothing new. Well, recently on Twitter, he discovered social media journalist Ron Sylvester (@RSylvester), who does live reporting from the courtroom in Kansas. Kevin found Sylvester’s vlog (a vlog is a blog, but with video … Continue Reading

40% of Twitter is mindless babble. So what?

A recent white paper (pdf) published by Pear Analytics (found via Thord Daniel Hedengren at Blog Herald) says that 40.55% of all tweets are pointless babble. So what? Listen into every word at a cocktail reception of lawyers, industry professionals, reporters, and corporate executives following a one day seminar for corporate leaders and in-house counsel. … Continue Reading

Why lawyers use Twitter

Staying in touch with friends, finding news, staying updated, work, and research. Six things I think we’d all agree are key to a lawyer’s practice development. Those are the same reasons people use Twitter per a study on ‘Why People Use Twitter‘ from TNS and The Conference Board. 41.6% percent of Internet users who used … Continue Reading