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LinkedIn mobile upgrade a big win for lawyers

LinkedIn hadn’t updated its mobile app since 2011. The experience showed it. The mobile experience on LinkedIn, whether on a smart phone or tablet, was poor, at best, and a black eye for the company. Two months ago, I blogged that LinkedIn needed to clean up its mobile experience for the legal profession. Well they… Continue Reading

LinkedIn groups being hijacked by spammers?

I just accepted a request from ALM to join a LinkedIn Group they started for LegalTech West Coast that’s coming up in Los Angeles in June. Good show and conference. Good idea to set up a LinkedIn group for people interested in LegalTech, whether attending or not, to engage and share relevant insight. Maybe questions… Continue Reading

LinkedIn search enhancements : Big win for lawyers networking on LinkedIn

Johnathan Podemsky (@jpodemsky), Product Manager at LinkedIn, reports that LinkedIn has significantly upgraded search across the LinkedIn site. Though no Google, search on LinkedIn is nothing to sneeze at — and is arguably more important for lawyers as this is where professionals are found and scrutinized. Did you know 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches were done… Continue Reading

13 mistakes your law firm may be making on LinkedIn

With more than 2.6 million companies already having a LinkedIn Company Page, it’s become a necessity for law firms to have their own Company Page. With over 190 million professionals using LinkedIn, it’s become a necessity for lawyers to use LinkedIn, not only for a profile, but also for networking. Martindale-Hubbell was the directory of… Continue Reading

How college students can use LinkedIn

I was in Dallas last fall and getting a lift from the hotel to a restaurant by a nice young man working as a bell cap. I asked if he was going to school and if so, what his plans were. He explained he was graduating from SMU in the spring, but was struggling to find a… Continue Reading

Will LinkedIn endorsements effect search results?

I never thought of LinkedIn weighting endorsements in search results, but Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media (@DaveKerpen), writes in Inc. that LinkedIn endorsements change everything. For years, LinkedIn has offered recommendations as a way to get support from fellow professionals and businesses. If you received recommendations from other individuals, you garnered credibility, and were… Continue Reading

LinkedIn adding 2 members per second

In LinkedIn’s 3rd quarter earnings call yesterday CEO Jeff Weiner announced that LinkedIn is up to 187 million members and adding new members at the rate of 2 per second. Not only is LinkedIn one of the biggest social networks, but it’s revenue is growing big time, up 81 percent to $252 million from $139.5 million in the… Continue Reading

LinkedIn updates user profiles : Can law firms keep up?

LinkedIn has arguably become the Martindale-Hubbell legal directory of today and the future. But in the almost 20 years that I practiced Martindale never changed its lawyer profile format and updates were only required once a year. With LinkedIn, your profile is a live. It can be updated anytime and it’s your home base from… Continue Reading

7 ways law firms can optimize new LinkedIn Company Page

In early September LinkedIn offered redesigned company pages to a few select companies. After much anticipation, LinkedIn is now offering new company pages to the more than 2 million companies with LinkedIn Company Pages — including your law firm. With other social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook having more advanced company pages, it… Continue Reading