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What have law blogs wrought us?

Author, wealth management professional, and TV commentator, Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz), had an interesting post on Bloomberg this morning regarding the impact financial blogs have had on the financial community — on markets, investing and financial journalism. Consider the five factors that financial blogs have wrought us, writes Ritholtz. Near identical to the impact that law… Continue Reading

3 keys to promoting your blog on social media

Social media can become a leading, if not the leading, source of traffic to your blog. The leading sources of traffic to my blog are Twitter and LinkedIn, with Facebook closing in. I value this traffic more than that coming from Google. Those coming to my blog from social media are doing so because my… Continue Reading

Marketing your law firm's blogs : Is it worth it?

Quite a few law firm marketing professionals inquire about ways to promote and market the firm’s law blogs. My response has always been that the best way to ‘market’ a blog, if you want to call it that, is to give of yourself as a lawyer and engage your target audience. None the less, some… Continue Reading

How to promote your law blog?

Tim Baran, Community Manager of Rocket Matter, shared yesterday, ‘3 Ways to Promote Your Law Blog.’ Though I’m not sure ‘promoting’ your law blog is what you want to do when you’re looking to network to build relationships and enhance your reputation, Baran raises some good points. Use social media. Baran sees Twitter and Facebook… Continue Reading

Getting your content out there not good enough for law firms anymore

“Content is still king, but now it has to share its crown, “writes Jenn Webb @JennWebb this morning on why getting your content out there is not enough anymore. Webb cites Justo Hidalgo (@justohidalgo), co-founder of 24symbols, on why aggregation, curation, and discovery are more important than just distributing content. Companies that take content and… Continue Reading

Engagement versus vanity

Yesterday, I had the honor of being included in the 100 best law blogs as judged by the ABA Journal. The top 100 blogs and their authors were the subject of a feature story on the ABA Journal online. Each of the blogs were linked to in the story. Also yesterday, Eric Turkewitz linked to… Continue Reading

Webinar on marketing your blog: recording and mindmap

We had another great turnout for today’s webinar on marketing your blog, with close to 140 attendees. You can download the chart Kevin used by clicking on the image above. If you were not able to attend, or would like to view the webinar again, you can view the recording on our support site, which… Continue Reading

Circulation drop at major US newspapers is opportunity for law bloggers

Circulation declines are accelerating at America’s major newspapers, with all but two of the 25 largest U.S. showing declines for the last six months. This per the Wall Street Journal’s Russel Adams this morning. Weekday circulation at 507 newspapers fell 4.6%…, compared with a 2.6% decline in the same period a year earlier, according to… Continue Reading

Seven ways for a lawyer with a blog to stand out

Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang, a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, offers some helpful tips this morning on what a company or an individual can do to get noticed. Owyang aptly describes the problem lawyers perceive when they launch a blog. I hear it every day. There are so many brands now, in fact with the… Continue Reading

Recording of today’s “Introduction to Law Blogs” webinar now available

We’ve been getting inundated with requests throughout the day – both from attendees and those who couldn’t make it – for a recording of this morning’s "Introduction to Law Blogs: What Works and What Doesn’t" webinar, which focused on the dos and dont’s of legal blogging. That recording is now available online, and can be… Continue Reading