twitpic social media lawyersTwitpic is a website that allows you to easily post pictures to Twitter. It’s often used by citizen journalists to upload and distribute pictures in near real-time as an event is taking place.

You may post pictures via an iPhone or other mobile device by emailing a picture to a twitpic email address you are

I’m coming to believe that social media performance is more important in drawing traffic to your law blog than any search engine optimization (SEO) you may do. Traffic drawn via social media is also better traffic for you.

Two reasons. One, you draw more traffic to your law blog through the effective use of social

Social media, including blogs, Twitter, and social bookmarking websites is bringing profound change to lawyers’ marketing on the Internet. Word of mouth marketing, the leading source of work for the best lawyers, is coming to the Internet. Search engine optimization is becoming less important.

Until now, Internet marketing has been all about websites and search

I was following a recent discussion among lawyers where someone asked if other lawyers thought that ‘social media’ experts may have just made up the concept of social media.

The theory being that so called ‘experts’ go to social media websites, create a persona, and then tell everyone they need to be on them so