FindLaw BlogsWest Publishing, founded in 1872 in St. Paul, Minnesota by John West, has been one of, if not the, most prominent legal publishers in the United States for over a century.

West established itself as the nationwide de facto standard used by all federal courts and most state courts for the reporting of legal decisions.

FindLaw may choose not to respond to the Internet discussion about FindLaw’s recent troubles with the sale of links. But there’s no question that FindLaw’s conduct is one hot topic of discussion.

In addition to blog posts and blog comments, including a reporter’s comment asking for current and former FindLaw sale’s reps to contact them

An email from New York this morning to Kevin McKeown, also a lawyer and LexBlog’s VP of Client Development, reminded me what lawyers are looking for in a legal marketing strategic partner. And Kevin is the first to remind each prospective client not to look at LexBlog as a vendor, but as a strategic