LexBlog is presenting another free webinar for our clients on Thursday, April 28th, at 9:00am Pacific (Noon Eastern). Hosted by our founder and CEO, Kevin O’Keefe, the topic for the event is “Writing For Blogs.”

The one-hour event will cover the following and more:
  • Finding your own voice
  • Blogging style pointers (i.e, hooking the reader,

I've been telling lawyers that most local newspapers have tech columnists who have written about blogs, have a blog or receive news feeds via RSS (real simple syndication) like blogs offer. More than likely, all three are true. For this reason dropping your local newspaper columnist an email may well get you and blog coverage in the local paper.

This is exactly what happened in the case of board-certified family physician publishing a general medical blog in Ohio. The Akron Beacon Journal reported that the doctor's blog, Medpundit, was “A sophisticated, meandering compilation of new research studies, graphics, references to everything and anything medical, with cheeky asides.”

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I've added some new blog search engines, or at least ones new to me, to my list of those search engines which retrieve search results from blogs only.

Registering your blog is one way to increase your law blog site's ranking in search engine results. You'll get links to your site at the search engines.

As reported by Investor's Business Daily

Bill Gates told Warren Buffett about blogging last Thursday. That was when Gates addressed the CEO's attending his summit and described blogs and RSS feeds as tools that “make it very easy to communicate” with customers, suppliers and employees.

The result, according to New York public-relations executive Steve Rubel, is likely to be a number of meetings of executives and their PR people and IT managers to explore this “blogging thing Bill Gates talked about.” Rubel, of Cooper Katz & Co., also wrote Friday morning, “The blogosphere changed. It feels very much like 1995 all over again.”

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It's been a long time in the coming but Moveable Type version 3.0 is now available. As a developer of blogs I've been waiting for MT 3.0 since March when we were told it would be out. Waiting not so much for the features but for clarity as to the licensing of MT. Till know the commercial license was about as vague as anything you would want to read and when asking for clarity they said just wait till 3.0 coming in March.

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The NY Times Business Section had some favorable Business > Your Money > Techno Files: The Twilight of the Information Middlemen” href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/16/business/yourmoney/16tech.html”>The New York Times > Business >comments on the value of blogs to they we obtain information. Traditionally information has been packaged “into something tangible that can be priced and sold: a book, a seat in a theater, an hour of an expert's time.” Technology, the Times, writes causes chaos when it disrupts this packaging plan. We've seen what technology has done to the Music industry and what's to say the same information previously packaged in books, newspapers, journals and the like can't be exchanged without the packaging via the Internet. The Time believes the emergence of blogs is going to be one of the “information sources that make us collectively richer and exist only because of fairly recent changes in the Internet.”

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Dennis Kennedy, a great person and well respected Internet lawyer, is joining a number of leading lawyers in saying he would tell lawyers to start a blog before a Web site. Dennis recently posted on his blog his answer to the increasingly-common question of whether to start with a blog or a website: “[M]y current response is definitely a blog and, in most cases, hosted on TypePad. For the reasons Jeff (Jeff Beard of LawTechGuru fame- an excellent blogger himself) mentions and others, starting with a blog and gradually building out standard “website” features makes the most sense if you are in the position where you are asking that question.”
Perhaps the best statement by Dennis is: “I'm still surprised when someone with a law practice tells me that they have neither a website nor a blog.”

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For those of us then in the dotcom industry or for those of you that just followed our roller coaster ride, you recall The Industry Standard . The magazine told is what was the hottest and we hoped to hell we or at least something to do with what we were working on would get coverage. It was on the newstands in avery airport. When we all went away, The Industry Standard went away. Guess what? It's backkkk. This time in the form of a blog.

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Interesting article by Seth Grodin, author of Relationship Marketing and now Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, in Fast Company about how your references for others are not something that live on a resume any longer but are something you create or fail to create through your online presence. Seth tells us us blogs are one way to create a positive public record that can be seen by potential customers and that we cannot be afraid to go out and create this record for fear we will be exposed later on…

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