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Trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a legal blog community of over 30,00 blog publishers, worldwide. LexBlog’s professional turnkey blog solution, licensed on a subscription basis, is used by over 18,000 legal professionals.

Marketer and author, Seth Godin, writes, this morning, about your big idea and why it’s definitely worth pursuing.

It’s probably not completely original.

It’s probably not breathtaking in scope.

It’s probably not immediately popular.

But… it’s definitely worth pursuing, consistently and persistently for years and years.

If you care. If it’s generous and

As LexBlog’s legal blog grows, I got to thinking if lawyers had access to today’s secondary law. They do not.

Secondary law, as opposed to primary law of cases, codes/statutes and regulations, are sources that explain, criticize, discuss, or help locate primary law. 

Examples of secondary law could include a law review or law journal. 


I’m honing the feeds on my news aggregator (Feedly) in an effort to stimulate my thinking and engage readers of my blog and social media via better stories and insight.

Out goes the mindless “content marketing” feeds produced by those producing copy merely to draw attention.

In stays the stories and posts from those driving

Election coverage now comes from blogs.

Whether they be blogs run by the mainstream media, blogs that have the status of mainsteam media, such as FiveThirtyEight, blogs published by legal commenators, or citizen bloggers, blogs dominate election coverage.

In addition, what Americans read on social media is often a report originally published on a

Moving into a larger home has enabled me to open boxes of books and magazines from years back. Doing so I stumbled across the November, 2003 edition of Business 2.0, the Fortune and Business Week magazine of the startup world.

You see, evolving from trial lawyer to legal tech entrepreneur I couldn’t read enough about