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Trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a legal blog network of over 25,000 blog publishers. LexBlog’s professional turnkey blog platform, licensed on a subscription basis, is used by over 18,000 legal professionals, worldwide.

With LexBlog gradually moving to a distributed workforce, I am taking a page out of Matt Mullenweg’s playbook – that being that as a CEO I should be traveling out to see my team where they live and work. Headed to Boston tonight.

I’ll be seeing Scott Fennell, our lead developer, and a highly

Happy Valentines Day from Austin, heading home to Seattle.

Meeting a friend visiting Seattle from Atlanta who has traveled the road I have recently traveled, and more. Looking forward to it, enough so to catch a 6 AM flight home and get to up at 3:30 to run up Congress Ave and around the Capitol.

I’ll be in Austin on Thursday for the ABA’s Annual Mid-Year meeting.

In addition to ABA officials getting together, the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE) holds its Mid-Year meeting at the same time. NABE serves the management staff of bar associations and law-related organizations and its membership is comprised largely of employees

Headed home to Seattle from New York City after my first trip “out.” Nice, but different.

Business is taken in context these days. What seemed important in the past, such as scheduling multiple meetings a day, or accepting what others thought important is no longer as important in the context of the important things in

The traditional, or pre-Internet, way of news publishing was to get people to come to your publication and consume the content.

Whether it was a newspaper or magazine you subscribed to or picked up up at a news stand, you read articles under the masthead of the newspaper or periodical.

With the advent of the

This Christmas marks seventeen Christmases of blogs and RSS for me.

Blogs represented the democratization of publishing for me in 2003.

RSS was the radio signal that enabled bloggers to “broadcast” and have their signal received on a RSS reader on other’s computers.

A personal publishing press on your computer for which your copy was

I’ve been on the road interviewing successful law bloggers the last couple weeks and I’ll continue with more at the end of this week.

I’ll start to post the interviews on a LexBlog YouTube Channel and here on my blog within the next week.

By successful law blogger, I’m referring to lawyers who have built

As a managed WordPress platform for legal publishers, LexBlog runs a WordPress development shop.

Not as web agencies do with custom web development, which is tough to scale for the developer and the customer, but to perform the WordPress development work for our managed WordPress platform which supports all of our legal bloggers.

Plugins, upgrades