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Tax Equity; L.A. Real Estate: New blogs joining the LexBlog Network

June 10, 2016

Wrapping up another bustling–and thankfully cool–week here in Seattle. I know we’re all excited to get to the weekend, but before you go make sure you check out these newest blogs on the LexBlog Network:

  • We’ve got Mayer Brown‘s sixth blog hitting the LexBlog Network this week. Check out The Tax Equity Times, which will be exploring the issues at the intersection of energy and tax. They’ll be covering things like the U.S. law regarding transactions to monetize the tax credits and accelerated depreciation on qualifying renewable energy projects, as well as other tangential topics, such as partnership taxation, equipment leasing, the US Treasury’s cash grant program and state tax incentives.
  • Another solo-run blog coming to LexBlog this week: Legal Secrets, a new blog from Los Angeles lawyer Michael Simkin. Simkin focuses on real estate and business law, which as anyone who’s dabbled in real estate knows covers all sorts of nooks and crannies. Turn to this blog if you’re looking for help on anything from property owners, businesses, trustees, to realtors concerning purchase agreements, leases, and contracts.
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