It’s been a week of cold, crisp and clear weather here in Seattle this week, weather that is reminiscent of the East Coast and not our normal damp Seattle falls—so it seems somewhat appropriate that one of the blogs this week is focused on developments in New York City. But, as always, the total collection is as diverse as can be. Let’s run through it.

  • Alluded to in the introduction, we have the New York City Real Estate Litigator joining the LexBlog Network from attorney Howard Koh of Meister Seelig & Fein LLP. Koh has two decades of experience as a commercial litigator and brings that to bear in keeping readers apprised of legal developments in one of the country’s most complext and active real estate markets. The focus of the blog will be to provide actionable guidance to real estate professionals, avoiding issues that are purely academic.
  • If you start a blog that’s intended to discuss the law of all things digital, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, but that’s exactly what we have with McDermott Will & Emery‘s latest, Of Digital Interest—and so far they seem to be up to the task. So, while it is broad, what exactly do they intend to cover? Well, it’ll be privacy, data security, digital advertising and online consumer protection. While all are their own distinct disciplines, they interesect all-too frequently in the modern technological landscape.
  • Stepping into the world of health care, but a very specific niché here, we have the Indiana Medical License Defender from Indianapolis attorney John Ittenbach. John has been at this for a long time and knows the area well, having been a practicing attorney for almost 35 years. He has has represented doctors, nurses, psychologists and other medical practitioners from the initial “Peer Review” to Judicial Review.
  • Joining a strong and growing community of LexBlog Network publications on the subject, we have the Employee Benefits Blog from Felhaber Larson, with this being their second publication on the LexBlog Network. With the rapidly evolving insurance marketplace, employee benefits is an area worth staying up-to-date on and this publication will be a good one to keep apprised of the latest developments with retirement plans, health plans and all the necessary compliance issues.