At LexBlog, we look at ourselves as partners. I don’t want to sound too preachy, but that’s what is—a partnership, not a product. So it isn’t too much of a surprise when that partnership extends beyond a single blog. In fact, a vast majority of the time, it does. And the end result is weeks like this, where we have five new publications and each one is from a firm we’ve worked with previously.

  • It’s gotten to the point where there’s a number of firms at this level, and I’ve certainly said it about more than a few, but for firms looking for a peer to emulate when it comes to an insightful blog network, you could do a lot worse than BakerHostetler. This week’s launch of the Wealth Planning Examiner takes the firm to a total of 11 blogs. The blog will provide readers with ideas for individuals and families, their charities, closely-held businesses, family offices and private trust companies.
  • Dropping their insight in a highly, highly active area as of late, the lawyers at Winstead dive into the technology and start-up community with the launch of WinTech. In their own words, the publication “serves as a go-to resource for executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors and universities who are looking to grow and protect their technology portfolios in highly competitive environments.”
  • We’ve seen blogs focused on health care reform on the LexBlog Network for more than a few years, but as what was once theory now becomes reality and actual implementation, the volume of conversation has grown exponentially. Adding their voice to this active discussion is Balch & Bingham as they roll out the Affordable Care Act Review. The blog will examine the impact that the ACA—also known as Obamacare, of course—will have on both employers and health care providers.
  • Another blog, another different subject for the week: Rogers Towers also adds another blog in the form of the Florida Construction Law Review. As I’ve seen from existing publications onthe LexBlog Network, development in Florida—particularly South Florida—is booming right now. Keep on eye on this publication for news on those developments along with insight on prominent construction trends.
  • If court rulings at nearly all level haven’t given it away already, let me tell you: arbitration is big right now, especially as many companies are giving consumers no choice but to go that route for settling disputes. Hogen Lovells‘ most recent publication examines the subject on a global scale with the ARBlog. Look for this to be a broad blog as it looks at the practice of arbitration in a number of different industries, from energy to telecommunications to finance.