There’s something to a firm (and an AmLaw 200 firm at that), having created a number of blogs without us, and choosing to start their next publication on the LexBlog Network. And that’s what we have with Womble Carlyle, who launched their first LXBN blog this week. That isn’t to leave out the other firm launching a blog this week—McCarthy Tétrault—as they’re no slouches either, being one of the five largest law firms in Canada. It’s nice to work with the best.

  • McCarthy Tétrault—a top-five law firm in Canada—continues to grow out its quickly-expanding network of publications with the launch of the Ontario Employment Law Advisor makes it six blogs for the firm on the LexBlog Network. Attorney Daniel Pugen, Partner in the firm’s Labour & Employment Group in Toronto serves as the Chief Editor on the blog, which shares  insghts on legislative and regulatory developments, as well as new case law, while providing practical tips for employers and their human resources professionals when managing the workforce. The publication joins a thriving community of Canadian law blogs from the country’s top law firms.
  • When doing research for the State of the AmLaw 200 Blogosphere, I always almost dreaded getting to the Womble Caryle section of the report because they have so many blogs. Well, it is nice to finally have one on our network as the firm launched their very first on the LexBlog Network this week in the form of the The Compass. The blog will be, as the tagline notes, “charting business and technology litigation in North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit.” The content they’ve put forth thus far is strong, to no surprise, and we’ve already got some of it curated onto the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals page on LXBN.