By Kevin O'Keefe

LexBlog Network grows by nine publications, further strengthening corporate, employment and international law communities

Though it isn’t coming at its usual Friday afternoon time, it isn’t too late to look back at the new publications joining the LexBlog Network over the past week. Last week was a big one for growth, as we see nine new blogs join the Network, with all but two covering different areas of law.

  • Here’s a blip from a blog description that you don’t normally expect to see, as the Policyholder Informer from Dickstein Shapiro tracks the world of insurance law by “exploring it through recent rulings and judgments, news stories, and pop culture events.” While we’ll have to keep an eye out for that in the future, the content they’ve put forth thus far is outstanding as they offer insight on insurance for a number of different industries and activities, including hydraulic fracturing, the recent Lululemon yoga pants recall, injuries to celebrity advertisers and “crisis response.”
  • Canada-United States law is a subject of growing popularity on the LexBlog Network as we’ve seen it discussed on other blogs and even multiple other blogs dedicated specifically to it. Hodgson Russ joings that fray as their Smarter Way to Cross focuses specifically on providing insight on cross-border issues for businesses with operations in the United States or that are planning to enter or seek financing in the U.S. market.
  • At times, it’s almost difficult to comprehend how incredibly influential and involved some of the firms are on the LexBlog Network—particularly in the business world. And that includes AmLaw 100 firm McDermott Will & Emery, so if you’re looking for inside insight on corporate deals, there may be no better place to look than the firm’s recently-launched Corporate Deal Source. For a full introduction on what the publication will cover, have a look at this post.
  • If you’re looking for the best new blogger to join the LexBlog Network in the past year, Michael Hackard may be it as his first blog, Ponzi Clawbacks, has been outstanding in shedding light on ponzi schemes. Now, Hackard and his firm—Hackard Law—have launched their second publication Guarantors Defense Law. The blog focuses on “helping guarantors ‘ride the tiger’ in lender litigation.”
  • The LexBlog Network quietly but consistently continues to add publications from the very top law firms in Canada. Norton Rose keeps that momentum going as they, this week, roll out the Global Workplace Insider. Grabbing their words, and some Canadian spelling along with it, the blog will cover “subjects ranging from industrial relations/labour and human resources, business immigration and international mobility, enterprise and collective labour agreements and occupational health and safety matters.”
  • Hogan LovellsChronicle of Data Protection is towards the top of what is an outstanding data secrurity community on LXBN. Datenschutz, as the title gives away (it directly translates to “privacy”), is the German-language counterpart of Chronicle of Data Protection. For those who don’t know, Germany has become a hotbed for privacy regulation, so this blog will surely be a valuable resource—if you read German, or enjoy writing filtered through Google Translate.
  • There’s no question, the employment and labor law community is the most active and insightful on the LexBlog Network, and that community adds one more strong publication with the launch of the Employment Law Business Guide from New England law firm McLane. Thus far, the blog has demonstrated the ability to keep pace with current events impact employers—that includes the demise of DOMA, the updated I-9 immigration reform and the rapidly changing workplace privacy landscape.
  • Whether it be Travis Crabtree on media and technology law, Cleve Clinton and Jamie Ribman on business law, Charles Sartain on energy law or any one of the firm’s other publications, Looper Reed has put lawyers in position to thrive with insightful lawyers built around highlighting those professionals deep expertise. In blogging, we’re looking for a bit of personality with the anaysis and that continues for Looper Reed with Joe Virene and the Texas Subcontractor & Supplier Legal Guide. Virene represents suppliers, subcontractors, and general contractors in both the construction and oil and gas industries, and on this blog he hopes to share insight that’ll prove helpful to each of those groups.
  • frESH is one of those blogs with an acronym name not all-too-different from what you’ll see from prominent legislation; to explain, this Squire Sanders publication offers perspectives (fresh ones, of course) on environmental, safety and health law. When I went to count, I was almost surprised to see this is just Squire Sanders’s sixth publication on the LexBlog Network because each of their blogs is so active in churning out good content. Look for more of the same from frESH.
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