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New blogs joining the LexBlog Network for the week of 5/28-6/1

I say this every single time but, seriously, it’s always great having another one of the top law firms in the world jump on the LexBlog Network—especially when they’re adding to the excellent privacy law community on LXBN. We also see the excellent network of Canadian publications on LXBN grow as well.

  • The Project Law Blog—which covers regulatory, environmental and aboriginal law—is the third publication on the LexBlog Network from Lawson Lundell. Authored by attorneys Brad Armstrong, JoAnn Jamieson and Sheila MacPherson, the publication focuses on updating proponents on new and interesting issues emerging in the law and policy that applies to the development of major projects in Canada.
  • Adding to the thriving privacy law community on LXBN, we have the Privacy & Data Security Law Blog from AmLaw 100 law firm SNR Denton, their first publication on the LexBlog Network. In the words of blog editors Nick Graham and Todd Daubert, “we aim to stimulate discussion and help make sense of the global complexities of privacy and data security, as we discuss all the key issues.”
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