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New blogs joining The LexBlog Network for the week of 6/6-6/10

It was another phenomenal week for The LexBlog Network as we added four new publications in four different practice areas. Along with the new blogs, we also have two of the Network’s absolute best publications—arguably two of the very strongest blogs out there on their respective subjects—getting revamped a bit. Have a look around; whether new or old to the Network, this is a group of exceptionally talented lawyers.

  • The Illinois Criminal Defender Voice is authored by Oregon, IL attorney Don Delbert. As passionate a trial lawyer as you could possibly find, Delbert brings 30 years of experience—from private practice to the public defender’s office and back again—to this publication, where he’ll pass along opinionated comments on criminal law developments both near and far from smalltown, Illinois.
  • The fleet of outstanding employment law publications on The LexBlog Network grows by one this week as the team at McDonald Hopkins debuts their blog, the Employer Legal Advocate. While the title likely gives you a good sense already for what they’ll cover, you can expect the team to draw on a wealth of experience to highlight prominent employment law news and pass along what employers can learn from said news, cases, legislation and other relevant items.
  • As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve seen an explosion in online conversation on privacy and data security law. Well, the team at Walker Wilcox Matousek LLP dives into that realm, albeit a little differently with the launch of CyBIR. The title is derived from “Cyber and Privacy Breaches: Insurance and Reinsurance blog” as this publication will “provide current and topical information as well as insightful commentary on the insurance and reinsurance implications of cyber risks and privacy breaches.”
  • Authored by Philadelphia attorney Wally Zimolong, Supplemental Conditions is a blog on construction law with a heightened level of attention towards employment law in the construction industry. Topics covered thus far include contracts, construction delay claims, public bidding, picketing, the right to work and general construction best practices.

Also worth noting:

  • Daniel Schwartz‘s Connecticut Employment Law Blog is so well-read and established as one of the web’s most authoritative publications on this subject that a majority of employment lawyers reading this post probably already know it re-launched with a new look earlier this week. For those who didn’t, just go take a look. Schwartz isn’t only one of the absolute best employment law bloggers out there, but one of the best law bloggers period. A frequent poster who always writes in a highly readable and informative manner, Schwartz serves as an excellent example for other law bloggers to benchmark themselves against.
  • Much like how Schwartz’s publication goes far beyond simply offering advice to Connecticut employers and employees, J. Scott Key‘s Georgia Criminal Appellate Law Blog is so much more than a publication covering criminal appellate law developments in Georgia—although it does do that exceptionally well. Key is phenomenal in authoring posts that provide real-world guidance to fellow lawyers, whether they practice in appellate law or otherwise. Even if you’re just going to browse around for a few minutes, this is a publication every blogging lawyer should take a look at.
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