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New blogs on The LexBlog Network for the week of 3/28-4/1

Another week comes to a close as six new publications join The LexBlog Network. Amongst the fray, we have what is the fourth publication on the Network from Australia. The employment and energy practice areas continue to grow, and we also have a new subject to discuss within realm of criminal law. Have a great weekend everyone. Also, hey, Go Mariners. Happy Felix Day, everyone.

  • Authored by Phillip Segal and Pavel Nikolaev of Charles Griffin Intelligence, The Ethical Investigator takes a look at current legal cases and ethics opinions that have an impact on how lawyers, companies and individuals manage fact investigation. Amongst other topics covered, this publication should present a great new perspective on the rapidly growing discussion surrounding privacy and data security.
  • It’s always neat adding a publication discussing a new subject. With Michelle Estlund‘s Red Notice Law Journal, we have that. For those of you who don’t know, Red Notices are issued by INTERPOL “To seek the provisional arrest of a wanted person with a view to extradition based on an arrest warrant or court decision.” On this blog, she discusses INTERPOL’s infrastructure, tools and practices; politically-based Red Notices; challenging Red Notices; and international extradition.
  • We’ve seen a bit of an uptick in energy blogs lately, especially in the field of natural gas. New Orleans law firm Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann joins the fray as attorney Keith Hall authors the Oil & Gas Law Brief. Hydraulic fracturing, a process that results in the creation of fractures in rocks for the purpose of obtaining oil and natural gas, stands out as the most-discussed topic on the publication thus far.
  • Not to disrespect any other area, but it seems as though employment law has staked its claim as the practice area with the best bloggers. That tradition continues as the already-strong Michigan Employment Law Advisor by Jason Shinn of E-Business Counsel really gets rolling. All employment lawyers should have a look at this publication as he’s off to a strong start discussing prominent subjects—like the application process, preserving information in the event of claims and e-discovery—in a conversational and engaging way.
  • Coming from worlds away, we have the launch of Australian Estate Law Today from Byron Cannon of Ferguson Cannon Lawyers. While of course taking a look at estate planning and estate litigation, this publication also features prominent discussion on the subject of business succession and why having a plan in place is absolutely vital.
  • Phoenix lawyer Vladimir Gagic publishes the Arizona Criminal Law & Sex Crimes Post. Gagic takes to the publication the same way he takes to his practice, which is not looking at criminal law purely from an analytical standpoint—the way a tax, estate or bankruptcy lawyer would—but instead empathatically understanding the people involved. The practice of criminal law doesn’t take place on paper and Gagic does his part to discuss the personal side to criminal defense, one that really isn’t talked about enough.