By Kevin O'Keefe

New blogs joining The LexBlog Network for the week of 2/21-2/25

Just a little bit later than normal, it’s time to take a look back at the publications that joined The LexBlog Network over the past week. The group of five launches includes The Network’s first Italian blog and a restaurant law blog that will really worth keeping an eye on. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • The Restaurant Law Blog comes to The LexBlog Network from the team of attorneys at Denver-based Messner & Reeves, whose experience in restaurant law includes working as Chipotle’s general counsel from their very first location to where they are now. The unique side to this publication is that it brings in contributors from so many different disciplines—real estate, corporate and commercial law, employment, litigation, and liquor licensing—to offer their insight on how each area affects restaurants.
  • The Tax Whistleblower Report is authored by attorneys Scott Knott, Gregory Lynam, Hilary Lefko and Erica Brady, all at The Ferraro Law Firm. Each of these tax attorneys focuses exclusively on representing tax whistleblowers and bring this publication deep wealth of knowledge on subjects that include award determinations, offshore assets, judicial review and the IRS Whistleblower Office.
  • Central Pennsylvania attorney Dale Tice of Marshall, Parker & Associates publishes the Marcellus Shale Law Monitor. A frequent speaker and educator on the subject, Tice’s Marcellus Shale development practice really comes naturally. Where some attorneys have jumped into gas planning law as a quick opportunity, Tice instead grew this practice as a natural evolution from the needs of his estate and probate clients.
  • The Trucking Watchdog Blog is the fourth blog on The LexBlog Network from Seattle lawyer Kevin Coluccio. One of the Pacific Northwest’s most respected trucking accident lawyers, Coluccio offers insight relevant not only to those personally affected by a trucking accident, but also truck drivers and those who manage them.
  • With the Italy Intellectual Property Blog (or L’IP in Italia) Trevisan & Cuonze launches the very first Italian publication on The LexBlog Network. Written in Italian, this blog covers topics that include patents, IP in the pharmaceutical industry and antitrust issues.
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