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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

What’s Lextweet? Lawyers and legal professionals using Twitter

January 2, 2009

Lextweet lawyers using twitterLextweet is a new website developed by LexBlog showcasing members of the legal community who are using Twitter as well as what they are tweeting.

Lextweet community members include lawyers as well as other professionals serving our legal profession. I have learned equally from marketing professionals, publishers, service providers, law students, and other professionals as from other lawyers during my time on Twitter.

What Lextweet truly is and what it will become will be determined by you, members of the legal community. We want to hear your suggestions and ideas.

Right now I can see Lextweet being used in a number of ways.

  • Finding legal professionals to follow on Twitter. Till now the best way to find people to follow on Twitter was to look at who another legal professional was following and browse those followers. I heard that Twitter users in the Lextweet community saw a bump in Twitter followers late last night and this morning with the launch of Lextweet.
  • Seeing what legal professionals are tweeting about. New users of Twitter are at a loss as to what to key into that text field asking ‘What are you doing now?’ Reading some of the Tweets at Lextweet will remove some of the cloud as to how other legal professionals are using Twitter.
  • See how those members with the most followers are using Twitter. The number of Twitter followers is not definitive of one’s influence or importance. However, it may be worth a peek at what how a user with a high number of followers is using Twitter. Why are people following them?
  • Getting to know other legal professionals in a real and meaningful way. I have met and networked with legal professionals from around the world while tweeting about professional and personal matters. I’m sure others can attest to the same. Bringing like minded people together may at the end of the day be the biggest thing Lextweet does.

I also see Lextweet advancing the adoption rate of Twitter among legal professionals. Seeing first hand how others are benefitting from Twitter and how easily Twitter can be used has got to make Twitter more approachable.

Suggestions are already coming in. Forming groups by locale, area of practice, and profession leads the way. Second is a quick way to see one’s profile, perhaps by browsing over a member’s avitar. Keep making suggestions. It’ll help guide us with future development.

And Lextweet, like any new website, is in beta. There will be bugs along the way, both that we’ll discover and that community members will find. Nothing major so far, but do keep letting us know what you find.

Continued success in the new year and let me know what you think about Lextweet.