Speaking to legal professionals around the country I suggest if you’re going to do one thing to get started down the road to social media that you get started with RSS. RSS is the oxygen giving life to content on the net.

And it’s your RSS reader which allows you to receive content, whether by source (blogs and news sites) or by subject (subscribing to keywords at Google News or Google Blog Search).

The RSS reader of choice for LexBlog bloggers, and I suspect the majority of the net, is Google Reader. Here’s a short video done by Seattle’s Common Craft explaining how to use Google Reader.

  • Kevin:
    I adore google reader.
    The problem, though, is that it’s easy to overload on information when using an RSS reader. I wish the video discussed how to set up the reader so that you don’t miss useful content, but also don’t open google reader every day and find 1,000+ new items.