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LinkedIn for lawyer marketing works big time

October 19, 2008

LinkedIn for lawyers law firmsLinkedIn works for lawyer and law firm marketing. No question about it.

I have heard from lawyers and legal marketing professionals on listservs and during live presentations that they can not measure the ROI from the use of LinkedIn. ‘No one has ever contacted me or a lawyer from our firm solely because of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a waste of time.’

Get real. If people check out third party sources when buying a replacement dishwasher for their kitchen, don’t you think prospective clients Google your name when considering hiring you? Don’t you think they check the leading directory and social networking site for professionals?

These folks are not looking for your web site or Martindale-Hubbell Bio anymore than people are looking for independent info from the Maytag website when evaluating the merits of buying a Maytag dishwasher.

Consumers of professional services, whether corporate executives, small business owners or consumers, look to LinkedIn, the grand daddy of professional directories. If they don’t know of LinkedIn, just googling your name and lawyer is apt to pull up your LinkedIn profile.

Think otherwise. Look at the business professionals who reviewed my LinkedIn profile in the last few days.

LinkedIn for lawyer marketing
LinkedIn lawyers law firms