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Why Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad domains are no good for your law blog

October 13, 2008

Krishna De, a brand engagement and social media communications expert, guest posts at Business Blog Consulting on why Blogger, WordPress and TypePad domains are no good for business blogging.

While doing a recent social media workshop, De found it heartening to see that so many attendees were were blogging about their business. However, she became pretty disheartened when she found most of those blogs had been developed on a platform such as Blogger or

    Investing a little in implementing a business blog that is hosted on your website not only makes you look like you take business blogging seriously as part of your online marketing strategy, it also means that every link to your great content is a link to your website.

    That way you will be sure to benefit even more from your online content strategy buildng links to your business blog.

It’s not just a small business issue. Just like I find large large law firms skimping by on these domains, De finds large businesses making the same mistake.

A colleague of mine on a social media working group is employed as an online expert for an online insurance company, and their external consultant had advised them to develop a business blog using

I’ve even seen Marketing Directors of major companies who should know more about branding than most use a blog that is detracting from their personal brand online as they are using Blogger.

Online personal branding experts even look to encourage people to use as a blog platform – whilst it’s a great blogging platform that I use and recommend, if you also have a website, a Typepad blog is not going to help you with your link building and search engine optimisation strategy which is becoming even more critical as few people now move beyond page 1 of Google when searching and researching online. What do they do if they can not find what they are looking for online on the first page of their search? They change the words they are using to search with of course.

There are many lawyers and firms who have figured out how to using domain mapping and development work-arounds to use these blog publishing platforms on their own domain. As long as they have covered the other bases of blogging effectively, such lawyers may be okay.

But I see a ton of law blogs on subdomains of TypePad, WordPress, and Blogspot. See for example West Virginia Family Law Blog (WordPress), Divorce Law Journal (TypePad), Florida Divorce & Family Law Blog (Blogger’s Blogspot).

As De says ‘[I]f you are going to invest in business blogging, be good to yourself… don’t have all those wonderful incoming links to your great content go to a blog that is not hosted by you.’

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