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Top 10 blog mistakes by law firms and law firm marketing professionals

October 2, 2008

Top law firm lawyer blog mistakesA chief marketing officer for a large law firm back East asked me today for a quick top 10 mistakes law firms make when it comes to law blogs.

As with writing a letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one so I wrote a long list.

  • Launch blog without longstanding first hand experience blogging or support from someone who does
  • Unlike websites, your audience will find your blog right away
  • Mark Twain: ‘Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.’
  • Can easily embarrass firm without knowing it
  • Largest law firms in country have done so on repeated basis
  • Multiple ways to do so
  • Not understanding difference between blog and website
    • Blogs allow one to enter into a conversation with thought leaders
    • Blogs are a networking tool
    • Blogs are not just an easy to use web publishing platform
  • Tech team does not regularly work with blogs in professional atmosphere
    • Blog software is supported by eclectic fragmented development community
    • Software regularly needs enhancements/plug-ins developed by people familiar with blog software
  • Blog design doesn’t incorporate components customarily expected by consumers of blog content
    • Sophisticated audience consumes content:
    • 75% of reporters use blogs and RSS to locate experts and get insight on stories
    • Executives and in-house counsel
  • Subject of blog lacks focus
  • Blog design doesn’t include proper navigation for:
    • Categories
    • Promotional copy
  • No understanding how blogs are marketed
    • Much different than traditional PR and marketing
    • Traditional marketing & PR may negatively impact blog’s perception
    • Entering into conversation is key
    • Use of social media, including LinkedIn, and online news sites is key
  • Failure to understand RSS and news readers
    • How content is being consumed by your target audience
    • How you use RSS feeds to identify existing thought leaders and leading discussion topics
  • No search engine optimization
    • Law firms traditionally do poor job on SEO
    • No reason to publish if cannot be found
  • No law firm department/personnel staying up to speed on latest developments to provide ongoing training & support
  • So when going it alone on a law blog where your butt and the reputation of your law firm is on the line ask yourself one question. ‘Do you feel lucky?’

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