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Dan Schwartz scoops everyone with coverage of expected impending presidential veto

December 29, 2007

Another triumph for Dan Schwartz of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog: his quick response yesterday to the New York Times‘ report on President Bush’s expected veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (and it’s impact on the expansion of FMLA benefits to military families). Dan’s post ended up scooping both the majority of the national press and the entire legal blogging community.

Mike Fox at Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer has the details.

[Dan] was keen enough to pass along a caution that the FMLA expansion that has been mentioned in several blogs recently (including this one), seems to have hit a Presidential snag.


What’s more impressive is that Dan is apparently the first to make the connection between the well publicized veto and the hit to the FMLA expansion, as my google news search a moment ago for “fmla and veto” came up with no hits. A huge tip of the hat for a scoop not only in the (relatively) small world of employment law blogging, but of the big time media as well.

While Dan is using the holiday season as an opportunity to stay on top of the law (and to report in it in an even more timely fashion than much of the mainstream media), his blog is serving as a portal between the nation’s capitol and the legal blogging community. And as Mike Fox’s post indicates, tech savvy lawyers across the country are taking note.

Note: This isn’t the first time Dan has crossed our radar. His posts are frequently included in daily LexBlogosphere updates (which are worth looking at if you haven’t yet checked them out), and we even featured Dan in a recent LexBlog Q & A.