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Does Martindale-Hubbell, as we knew it, still exist?

A few months ago LexisNexis and Internet Brands announced they would form a joint venture. LexisNexis would contribute its Martindale-Hubbell online marketing solutions and Lawyers.com (started and run by Martindale) businesses. Internet Brands would utilize its technology platform and online marketing expertise to manage the joint venture. The Martindale-Hubbell and lawyers.com “brands” live on, but… Continue Reading

Will Avvo legal directory surpass lawyers.com in 2010?

The Seattle startup legal directory, Avvo, appears to have caught Martindale-Hubbell’s lawyers.com in the number of unique visitors per month. This per the below comparison I ran with Compete.com, a web traffic analysis service. Avvo only trailed lawyers.com by 85,000 unique visitors in November (838,000 versus 753,000). In October the gap was even closer, a… Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell now spamming lawyers’ blogs? Are lawyers to blame?

A marketing company doing work on behalf of the legal directory Martindale-Hubbell has acknowledged spamming the comment field on New York Attorney Eric Turkewitz’ blog. Turkewitz blogged about the Martindale spamming. Martindale’s marketing company in a ‘heart felt’ apology left in a comment to Turkewitz’ post acknowledged they had done the spamming. Martindale remains silent…. Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell ups the ante : Price tag for lawyer to display rating online goes from $50 to $599

I received word from a law firm marketing and client development professional that, effective this January, the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell lawyer directory is increasing the charge by 1,200% for displaying lawyer ratings for lawyers who don’t subscribe to Martindale-Hubbell. For decades Martindale-Hubbell displayed a lawyer’s and law firm’s peer reviewed rating free of charge. First in… Continue Reading

What Martindale Hubbell should do before it becomes an endangered species

Constance Ard’s blog post asking ‘Martindale Hubbell Listings An Endangered Species?‘ is the prevailing view of legal professionals. Despite LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell’s surveys indicating that it’s still the preferred legal directory of the masses, the vast, vast majority of professionals (both in law firms and corporate counsel) I speak with believe the Martindale-Hubbell legal directory is… Continue Reading

Getting rid of the crap on Twitter : Join the cause

Those of you who follow Robert Scoble know that over the last few days he’s been deleting people people he follows on Twitter (down from over 100,000 to less than 2,000). The reasons, among probably others. Too much spam via direct messages from people he follows back after they follow him. And there’s no way… Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell doesn’t get it

Martindale-Hubbell, dealing with a crisis to a core element of their product offerings (lawyer ratings), showed the legal industry they are ill equipped to participate in social media. Martindale-Hubbell did respond to Internet discussion (blogs and twitter) that the company may be eliminating its long standing lawyer ratings. Despite laying off all of the commpany’s… Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell taking huge beating on Twitter

Discussion of whether Martindale-Hubbell is dropping its lawyer ratings system is running rampant on Twitter today. The original discussion on Martindale-Hubbell lawyer ratings began on the blogosphere last evening. In addition to well respected legal voices on the blogsphere and Twitter, the discussion involves some major players. Heavy influencers of opinions within the legal industry…. Continue Reading

Is Martindale-Hubbell’s lawyer rating system officially dead?

That’s the question asked by Heather Milligan on word of Martindale-Hubbell’s elimination of their Rating Specialists. Milligan, Director of Marketing at Barger & Wolen LLP and leading contributor to the Legal Marketing Association received an e-mail on Friday from a peer at LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell division notifying her that not only was she let go, so… Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell the next General Motors?

I’ve been asked that question twice in the last few days. Once on Twitter and then again in a call with a large law firm based in the Midwest. I’d hate to see a legacy legal directory like Martindale-Hubbell become a relic, but you have to wonder if the company’s business model of heavy charges… Continue Reading

Your law blog posts get higher profile at Wall Street Journal

With the redesign of the Wall Street Journal, law blog posts from lawyers around the country are getting higher profile. Practicing lawyers posting on their blog yesterday received equal billing this morning with stories from The New York Times and Chicago Tribune in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Breaking Law Stories from Around the Web.’ Look… Continue Reading

FindLaw SEO misconduct : Suggested course of conduct

There’s little question in my mind that FindLaw’s selling links to law firms in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines was a big mistake. Not only may FindLaw be liable to law firms for the millions of dollars paid by law firms to FindLaw for these spam links, but FindLaw and its parent company, Thomson Reuters,… Continue Reading

Martindale-Hubbell: Should we all “just say no”?

That’s the question well respected lawyer, commentator, and blogger, Dan Hull asks about Martindale-Hubbell over at ‘What About Clients?’ Dan’s question follows a number of legal marketing professionals working with leading law firms asking the same question on law marketing listervs. …[I]n view of other and newer ways for law firms to have visibility and… Continue Reading