FindLaw scores low on the ‘Truth-O-Meter’

Last month FindLaw Lawyer Marketing was caught selling links to law firm websites, a violation of Google’s guidelines and a practice considered unethical SEO – search engine optimization. Rather than acknowledge its errors, FindLaw responded that it did not sell links to law firm websites. FindLaw said the story of selling links arose out of … Continue Reading

FindLaw caught selling juiced links : You’re in the movies now boys

The Legal Broadcast Network ( LB Network ) is not LexBlog, but a network founded by Jan Schlichtmann, the nationally renown attorney and advocate for public justice and environmental issues and Mark Wahlstrom, one of the nations leading settlement planning professionals and advocate for plaintiffs rights to representation. Notwithstanding FindLaw’s hope and belief, the FindLaw … Continue Reading

FindLaw selling links update : Dow Jones reporting FindLaw misconduct and lawyers questioning what FindLaw sold them

In comments on this blog and throughout the blogosphere FindLaw cronies have been denying misconduct in the FindLaw selling links debacle. When the cronies realize they’re on the short end of the argument, they just fall back on ‘you’re just bloggers, you spread rumors, this is why few bloggers are trusted, there’s no proof…’ Well … Continue Reading

Lawyer directories : LinkedIn has looks of winner

Who would have thunk a professional social networking site could overtake a long standing lawyer directory like Martindale-Hubbell? But look at the growth in traffic (unique visitors per month) to LinkedIn,, Martindale’s consumer-small business lawyer directory,, and (total traffic, not just directory) over the last year. LinkedIn is blowing them all … Continue Reading

Will Google offer better search of lawyer directories than lawyer directory websites themselves?

If you watch Google closely, one of the recent changes you’ve see is that when Google displays organizations and directories on the search results pages, it’s allowing a search of the subject website without having to click to the website. Look at the below example for the Super Lawyers lawyer directory. Internet users would not … Continue Reading

$2,000 per month for small law firm website?

Just got off the phone with a law firm administrator in a less than 5 person who volunteered they’re paying $2,000 a month for a FindLaw website. Because it wasn’t generating the work expected, she said the’re calling to cancel. It’s not the first firm with a pretty nice looking FindLaw site who’s contacted me … Continue Reading

American Lawyer Media (ALM) joins Internet discussion, LexisNexis and Thomson FindLaw not heard from

American Lawyer Media (ALM) has begun to develop an Internet presence through participation in the blogosphere discussion. LexisNexis and Thomson FindLaw have ignored participation. It may be that the later two companies believe they can maintain their dualopoly of selling legal research & related services longer without active discussion on the Internet. American Lawyer Media, … Continue Reading

Blogs and interest conflicts

After reading a Washington Times article, Steve Rubel brought up the issue of blogs and interest conflicts. I have both praised and criticized companies here in the past. I think it's part of what makes my blog compelling. I call it as I see it. That may be well and good but what if one … Continue Reading

Thomson-West-FindLaw responds to criticism, wants to enter blogosphere discussion

I received an email from Kyle Christensen, a communications person with Thomson-FindLaw, the end of last week responding to my post criticizing Thomson-FindLaw and LexisNexis Martindale for their minimal efforts in educating lawyers about Internet marketing. It's wonderful that Thomson-FindLaw is engaging in this online discussion and is looking for ways to have a presence … Continue Reading

Internet lawyer directories work?

It's hard for me to believe that online lawyer directories like FindLaw's do much for lawyers paying to be listed by city and practice area. Have any lawyers who have paid for listings in FindLaw had good results in procuring new clients as a result of the listing? Please let me know. If you've paid … Continue Reading

Need a Robert lawyer?

I wonder how many people go about selecting a lawyer by first name. Probably not too many but it was a darn good thing that West's FindLaw paid to take care of such folks doing a search at google. Do a search for Robert lawyer. FindLaw has bought a sponsored link for a Robert lawyer and of course they are first in the search results for a page titled: "Find a Robert Lawyer." I've been thinking about getting me one of them. I did a search for Barbie lawyer and darn, FindLaw did not have any of those in stock. … Continue Reading