A podcast and a couple lessons

legal marketing

I had the pleasure of being a guest Tuesday on a podcast hosted by Jacob Sapochnick, a California immigration lawyer. What do I know about immigration law? Nothing. But Jacob, in addition to his blogging and social media on the law, hosts the Enchanting Lawyer site. The site, blog, and podcast are Jacob’s effort to … Continue Reading

Is Twitter becoming less important?

Twitter for lawyers

Hardly. Twitter has been in and out of the news over the last couple months. Most of the coverage and commentary negative. Twitter has not realized its potential. Twitter has not experienced the success of Facebook. Twitter needs to refine its business model. Twitter needs to develop products. Twitter needs to replace its CEO, Dick … Continue Reading

New York Social Media Ethics Guidelines a roadmap or rabbit hole?

New York social media ethics guidelines

Earlier this week I received a courtesy copy of the New York State Bar Association’s Social Media Ethics Guidelines. The Guidelines were adopted by the New York State Bar Association Commercial and Federal Litigation Section. The rules will be considered by the New York State Bar Association’s house of delegates this weekend. Though nice to … Continue Reading