Blogging is about transparency, not content

Blogging is transparency not content

Back in 2004, when blogs were in their infancy, a small group of Microsoft developers launched Channel 9 as a way to get closer to customers. Lenn Pryor and four others wanted to open up a direct line of communication between Microsoft’s developers and the outside development community. Microsoft, then known as the evil empire by … Continue Reading

Law blogs and content ought be unbundled from websites

law blog outside website

The New York Times decision to start publishing stories directly on Facebook further signals the importance of publishing away from your flagship website. As the Times’ Claire Cain Miller (@clairecm) writes, Facebook’s hosting stories from the Times and other publishers is not just about page views, revenues and how fast a story loads. It’s about who really owns … Continue Reading

New York Times begins publishing directly on Facebook

New York TImes Facebook

Signaling just how important Facebook is for publishers, including law firms, The New York Times will begin a partnership with Facebook this week where the Times will publish articles and content directly to the social network’s News Feed. The content will be consumed free of charge by users. Buzzfeed, NBC News and National Geographic will join Facebook, Gabriel … Continue Reading

Top 10 in Law Blogs: Driverless Cars and Surveying, Fracking “Study,” Trends in Retail


How much do you know about data brokers? Do you even know what they are? Over on LXBN, Zosha has a piece on these interesting—to put it kindly—companies. Also, Craig Hoffman dives deeper into BakerHostetler’s interesting report on data breaches. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 204. Two for Tuesdays: Freshen Up Your Content … Continue Reading

Law blogging and poetry

Law Blogs and poetry

I blogged Saturday how blogging, through observation and expression, can clarify a lawyer’s thinking and advance the law. So it was fitting today that Euan Semple (@euan) blogged about ‘Blogging and Leadership‘ picking up on the same theme of providing insight on our observations. Euan, a speaker, writer, and consultant used the analogy of poetry to blogging. Not … Continue Reading