Good law blogs losing traffic from Google?

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Well not losing traffic, but just seeing the percentage of over all viewers coming from Google dropping. The percentage of viewers coming to my blog from Google has dropped 28% in the last year. In January of 2014 almost 57% percent of viewers came from search, or Google. This last month, it’s dropped to 41%. … Continue Reading

Blogging as a lawyer requires a commitment


There are lots of reasons lawyers choose to blog. Building relationships. Enhancing your word of mouth reputation. Professional development. Growing a network of colleagues and others with similar interests. Contribution to the public. Advancing the law through open dialogue. Enjoyment. Like anything worthwhile though, blogging requires a commitment. This became apparent the last couple days … Continue Reading

Top 10 in Law Blogs: Drone Regulation, Google Glass, Retaliation


President Obama’s privacy push continues to be a big, big topic—but we’re also seeing efforts on the state level too, with Jill Valenstein highlighting those. Also, John Delaney has an excellent piece on the downfall of Google Glass. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 216. President Obama Seeks to Strengthen and Clarify Cybercrime Law … Continue Reading