Law firm digital publishing needs to be a conversation

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Lost on most blogging lawyers and law firms is that blogging represents something much different than writing an article for dissemination. Blogging represents an opportunity to develop relationships with your readers. Relationships developed through conversations with your readers. New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan (@sulliview), writing this week on the Times’ plans to expand … Continue Reading

There are blogs… and there are blogs

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One of my goals this year is to meet with as many of LexBlog’s clients – on their turf – as possible. Relationships are the key to our success. When traveling I also look for opportunities to meet with lawyers and law firms who are not LexBlog Network members. Not to sell them on anything, but … Continue Reading

Bullish on Seattle

Bullish on Seattle

Cutting through the South Lake Union area of Seattle last Sunday, it looked like we had been awarded the 2016 Olympics. Construction everywhere. A  decade ago, Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, in the name of Vulcan Real Estate and Construction, had the wisdom to get out of dot-com like investing and start buying real estate in … Continue Reading