Nuts and bolts of social networking and social media for Utah Bar Association


Download a copy of Nuts and Bolts of social networking and social media by Kevin OKeefe here (pdf).  Professional and business development in the law is all about relationships and word of mouth. Never before have lawyers been presented the opportunity to build relationships and word of mouth the way the Internet allows lawyers to … Continue Reading

Top 10 in Law Blogs: GMO Regulation, BofA at the Supreme Court, Crowdfunding Thanksgiving


Naturally, on the night we President Obama announces his efforts, we have no immigration reform posts in the Top 10. Think we’ve covered that enough so far, and will again soon. Instead, Brian Daughney has an interesting piece on crowdfunding Thanksgiving. Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 182. The State and Local GMO Regulatory … Continue Reading

Is your law blog a Mashable or a New York Times?

social reporting law blog ala mashable

Do you approach blogging as covering all relevant news in your niche or covering your niche socially? There’s a big difference and you may be surprised as to which works better. In a talk before the Canadian Journalism Foundation, Mashable editor-in-chief, Jim Roberts (@nycjim), explained that Mashable approaches the news as a social activity. GigaOm’s … Continue Reading

Social media platforms are cultures

social media culture law firms

Businesses need to show respect for each social media platform writes social media consultant and author, Jay Izso (@internetdoctor), in Entrepreneur Magazine this morning. It’s all about culture. McDonalds’ menu doesn’t work in India, says Izso, where for many the cow is sacred, so it’s the Chicken Maharaja Mac. The same is true for businesses … Continue Reading