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Blogger outages

Blogger has had a lot of down time the last week. Google’s Blogger Buzz blog apologizes and explains they’re working on hardware & software issues.

An up and down platform may be okay for social blogging but cannot see how that can be tolerated by professionals. Heck, I freak out if we’re down for 90 seconds at a 1 AM Sunday morning.

Plus, I’d hate to be the law firm marketing professional telling the managing partner in a 500 lawyer firm with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that ‘our 5 blog sites have been down for the day – but we got them for free.’ Looks great to clients paying the firm $350 to $500 an hour.

  • http://conniecrosby.blogspot.com Connie Crosby

    Thanks for putting it into perspective, Kevin! While I don’t have a law firm blog on blogger, I do have a blog for my professional colleagues and have been very frustrated with Blogger this week. I purposely linked this critical blog post to their Blogger Buzz so it would pull up linked to their site and they would hopefully read it. Others did the same, and thankfully they seemed to be listening. While time will tell, I think their message about the problem is a step in the right direction.

  • http://rivercitycopwatch.blogspot.com Radfem

    I have to update my site frequently so this past weekend’s problems with publishing and commenting were very frustrating.
    They keep saying it’s fixed but it’s not and Blogger Help Group is also experiencing difficulties with its service so it’s difficult to know what is going on.