Yesterday, I had the honor of being included in the 100 best law blogs as judged by the ABA Journal. The top 100 blogs and their authors were the subject of a feature story on the ABA Journal online. Each of the blogs were linked to in the story.

Also yesterday, Eric Turkewitz linked to

Top 100 law blogsWhat’s a high ranking in a law blog directory or blog search worth? ‘That plus $1.50 may get you a small soda somewhere,’ says Francis Pileggi, publisher of the well read Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog.

…[R]ankings of blogs are not very meaningful on an individual level, because the value of blogs is

Beer for BloggersMark Friday at 5:30 for a bloggers meetup at the ABA TechShow in Chicago. Not far to go – Kitty O’Sheas, right in the Hilton.

The ABA Journal and LexBlog are cosponsoring the event and picking up the tab. Ed Adams, Editor and Publisher of the Journal, named the event Beer for Blawggers. But Ed’s

The way advertising is presented in online newspaper sites is killing them.

Per Robert Niles at USC’s Online Journalism Review:

News publishers like to point to television, free news online, English literacy rates and slew of other reasons to explain their readership losses. But the contempt that newspapers show for their readers by burying their