Robert Scoble

CNN’s Rick Sanchez : Twitter Rocks

Rick Sanchez, an anchor/correspondent on CNN who serves as the anchor of the weekend primetime edition of CNN Newsroom, started using Twitter while covering Hurricane Gustav last weekend. No big planning or learning curve on Rick’s part in starting on Twitter. He registered a Twitter account (here’s Rick’s) and started using the darn thing. Perhaps … Continue Reading

Robert Scoble of Scobleizer [LexBlog Q & A]

It’s been a week since our last LexBlog Q & A. So when we finally had a free minute today to add another interview to the ongoing series, we pulled out the big guns. Our guest? Robert Scoble, well-known technology guru and co-author (with Shel Israel, who we interviewed back in January) of the book … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Naked Conversations

Naked Conversations celebrated it’s second birthday this past Saturday. For the unknowing, NC is a one of the seminal books on blogging. From wikipedia: [Robert Scoble and Shel Israel] argue that almost every business can benefit from smart “naked” blogging, whether the company’s a small-town plumbing operation or a multinational fashion house. “If you ignore … Continue Reading

Steal my content, please!

That’s the title of a post from Robert Scoble last week. He was responding to Susan Mernit’s report that Lane Hartwell was so pissed with people stealing her photographs that she decided to take her photos out of the public eye. After offering up a way to watermark the photos and keep them online, Scoble … Continue Reading