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Could now be a good time to go to law school?

Imagine a law school applicant getting accepted to law school and making a counter-offer to the school’s standard tuition. A counter-offer that’s maybe half the rack rate, a counter-offer to pay tuition over the next 10 years interest free, or a counter-offer to pay for two years and get the third for free. It’s not … Continue Reading

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Student Bar Association : Model for social media initiative

Dan Massoglia (@jujueyeball) is a 2L at IIT Chicago-Kent by way of the University of Virginia. He’s studying, primarily, labor law and media reform. Massoglia is also involved with various social justice causes in Chicago. I met Massoglia through the net when I asked on Twitter if any law schools were highlighting their alumni on … Continue Reading

Don't law schools have an obligation to teach law students how to use the Internet?

I just finished speaking with a class at the University of Washington Law School. It was class for mostly 3L’s entitled ‘Practical And Professional Responsibility Issues in the Small or Solo Law Practice.’ The course description in the catalogue: This course examines the practical, ethical and personal issues which are unique to small firm and … Continue Reading

Law school rankings : Do they matter?

Sam Glover posted at Lawyerist this morning, ‘US News Best Law Schools is Out—How Did Your School Do?’ Like SuperLawyers, the annual US News “best law schools” list is a source of smug satisfaction for some, and outrage for others. If your law school is in the top [arbitrary number], you probably smile to yourself … Continue Reading