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Could now be a good time to go to law school?

Imagine a law school applicant getting accepted to law school and making a counter-offer to the school’s standard tuition. A counter-offer that’s maybe half the rack rate, a counter-offer to pay tuition over the next 10 years interest free, or a counter-offer to pay for two years and get the third for free. It’s not… Continue Reading

Law school professors fear online education growth?

I was having dinner this spring with, among other folks, a couple law school professors who taught at a good state school in the Midwest. I asked them if they had fears and trepidations like lawyers and business people do as to what they future may hold. One of the law prof’s said absolutely, online… Continue Reading

Law school rankings : Do they matter?

Sam Glover posted at Lawyerist this morning, ‘US News Best Law Schools is Out—How Did Your School Do?’ Like SuperLawyers, the annual US News “best law schools” list is a source of smug satisfaction for some, and outrage for others. If your law school is in the top [arbitrary number], you probably smile to yourself… Continue Reading

Never been a better time for law school grads to get a job

There’s been no shortage of stories in the mainstream news and the blogosphere about law school graduates being unable to get a job as lawyer. Rather than any fault lying with the law grads it’s the responsibility of the law schools who duped the students into coming to law school representing that they had a… Continue Reading

Law students and social networking: perception vs. reality

Kevin posted a few days ago about why it’s a no-brainer for law students to be on LinkedIn. But as Northeastern University law student and social networking consultant Leora Maccabee can attest, convincing law students of the value of social networking tools for career purposes can be an uphill battle. "I think some law students… Continue Reading