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Blogs published by lawyers influence hiring decisions of in-house counsel

Blogs published by lawyers on relevant topics are becoming increasingly more important in in-house counsel’s research of lawyers and law firms for potential hire. This per Corporate Counsel New Media Engagement Survey (pdf) conducted by strategic communications firm Greentarget, American Lawyer Media and legal consulting firm The Zeughauser Group. In-house counsel ranked the following activities … Continue Reading

How shaky is ALM?

That’s the question being asked today by some very well read publications covering journalism and the media. From Gawker: Earlier this month, American Lawyer Media laid off 42 staffers across the board. The company is also “scaling back” plans to expand the scope of one magazine, and moving another to an all-digital format, according to … Continue Reading

Bill Pollak, CEO of ALM [LexBlog Q & A]

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s LexBlog Q & A with Mario Sundar of LinkedIn (which focused less on the law and more on social networking), we’re shifting gears back to the legal realm. And who better to bring us back in style than Bill Pollak of ALM? Bill, who has been with the company … Continue Reading

ALM’s now indexing all legal blogs : Significant development in legal publishing

American Lawyer Media – ALM – is now indexing all legal blogs so that such law blog content is included in search results at ALM’s website right along with legal news reported by ALM’s reporters. Doing a search for Martindale-Hubbell this morning, the first four results displayed are from legal blogs not affiliated with … Continue Reading

American Lawyer Media (ALM) joins Internet discussion, LexisNexis and Thomson FindLaw not heard from

American Lawyer Media (ALM) has begun to develop an Internet presence through participation in the blogosphere discussion. LexisNexis and Thomson FindLaw have ignored participation. It may be that the later two companies believe they can maintain their dualopoly of selling legal research & related services longer without active discussion on the Internet. American Lawyer Media, … Continue Reading