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Kevin O’Keefe : CEO and Founder of LexBlog, Inc.

Kevin O'Keefe

I am the CEO and Publisher of LexBlog, Inc., a company I founded in 2004. Through blogging and the use of other social media for more hours than you could imagine, I have become an authority on networking through the Internet for professional and business development.

My team of 25 at LexBlog and I help lawyers and attorneys understand how to build relationships and generate a strong word of mouth through blogging and the effective use of social networking and social media. Our mission is simple: To improve the lives of the lawyers we serve.

We know lawyers and law firms have always gotten their best work by relationships and word of mouth. We know the Internet, a powerful tool to accelerate relationships and one’s reputation, did not change that.

I founded LexBlog to provide lawyers and law firms a custom blog and social media solution unavailable anywhere else. Armed with LexBlog’s solutions providing strategic consulting, social media coaching, blog and custom social media site design and development, SEO, hosting, and on-going support, over 7,000 lawyers around the world are blogging and networking on the LexBlog Network (LXBN).

I wanted to be a lawyer since I was a kid. I was a trial lawyer for 17 years, first in Ireland, and then my home town in rural Wisconsin.  In 1996, when I started my own law firm, I began to use the Internet for business development. My approach of networking through the Internet by helping people was recognized by USA Today which said “If O’Keefe isn’t careful, he may wind up giving lawyers a good name.”

From 1997 through 1999, while still practicing law, I served as community leader of America Online’s (AOL) legal community serving consumers and small business owners.

Prior to LexBlog, I closed my practice and moved my family of seven to Seattle in 1999 to found Prairielaw.com, an online law community for consumers and small businesspeople. Later acquired by LexisNexis, Prairielaw.com was incorporated into Martindale-Hubbell’s current lawyers.com. I then served as a VP of Business Development for LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell for two years.

While I practiced law, I was a sustaining member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and a board member of his state’s trial lawyers association.

How can we work together?

  • Onsite firm-wide and group consulting and coaching sessions covering all aspects of blogging and other social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).
  • Video conference consulting and coaching sessions covering all aspects of blogging and other social media.
  • Law firm retreats.
  • Brown bag luncheons, in person or by video conference, covering social media in general or a single topic.

How can you work with LexBlog?

  • Professional Turnkey Blog Solutions: strategic consulting to properly identify your niche and target audience; custom design and development; blog coaching; SEO; hosting; ongoing support; and inclusion in the LXBN Network, the largest blog network for professionals for multiple points of exposure.
  • Coaching and advising on all aspects of social media: included in turnkey professional blog solution. Experienced social media account managers work with you on RSS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. You’ll know you have a friend in the business.
  • Turnkey Custom Social Media and Social Networking Solutions: strategic consulting; custom design and development; coaching; SEO; hosting; ongoing support; and inclusion of all members in the LXBN Network, the largest blog network for professionals for multiple points of exposure. See for example Food Safety News, Global Employment Law, ILN Today, and China Debate.
  • Websites: for clients with whom LexBlog has an existing relationship. See for example Burgess Consulting and Bushell Appellate Law.

LexBlog and I work with individual lawyers as well as law firm business development and marketing departments. We also work with many PR and marketing companies serving law firm clients who view LexBlog as a strong technology, design, and network solution.