It’s a shame that many lawyers look at social media, whether it be blogging or the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now, Google Plus, as some form of advertising or marketing.

I was talking to Seattle Attorney, Tom Pedreira, general counsel for LexBlog and a law school classmate of mine, yesterday about Friday’s

The Wall Street Journal is continuing to run syndicated law blog content in the law section of the online Journal.

Maybe it’s just me being from a small town in the Midwest, but I get pretty jazzed seeing people come to my blog from the Journal.

Reach the Law Section of the WSJ by clicking

Law Blogs Wall Street Journal If you haven’t started noticing traffic coming to your law blog from the Wall Street Journal already, you soon may. I’m already seeing traffic from the WSJ and so are a number of LexBlog clients.

How? The Wall Street Journal is now running in its law section syndicated law blog posts from influential law blogs.

41 years ago Paul Steiger began his career in journalism with the WSJ and LA Times in ‘an industry of family-owned newspapers… setting off on a momentous period of growing power and profit.’ Next Thursday he leaves the WSJ, including 16 years at its managing editor, and an ‘industry in upheaval, with slumping revenues and