One of our most popular webinar topics is Twitter, and it’s easy to see why.

Twitter captured the world’s attention in 2009, and for our first LexBlog Network webinar of 2010 I’d like to focus on lawyers and legal professionals can use Twitter, in conjunction with a blog and other social networking tools, for client

Real time search came to Google yesterday. Twitter results are now streamed into the top of search results pages so that you can see what people are saying about the subject searched in real time.

Lawyers should not view this as gimmick. Imagine being able to get lawyers’ and business peoples’ reactions to cases, news

It’s foolish to argue whether legal professionals can use a social media tool such as Twitter for effective client development when many lawyers and other legal professionals are already doing so. Twitter’s just a tool, among many other social media and networking tools.

If Twitter fits within your client development strategy, you’ve figured out how

90 per cent of the people (things) who begin to follow me each day on Twitter are machine generated. These things are not included in my current followers as these things stop following me when I don’t follow them back. Let me explain.

Each day I go into my email to see 50 or 60