A blogging "veteran" who first launched his Texas State & Local Tax Law Blog in early 2006, Texas tax attorney Alan E. Sherman has seen the blogosphere explode in the three-plus years he’s been blogging.

Alan has a lot more company now, but his tried-and-true approach of writing useful and engaging posts about Texas state and local tax developments hasn’t varied. He views blog posts as "a very good way to get a feel for the practical implications of a new statute, case, or other legal development."

Writing about new legal developments for his blog helps Alan understand them for his practice as well.

"Sort of like virtue, blogging is its own reward, in the sense that writing a post helps me to better understand the topic," Alan says. "That, in turn, enables me to better represent my clients when they’re confronted with similar issues."

We reached out to Alan for this LexBlog Q&A to discuss why he got into blogging and how he stays inspired to post regularly.

See our e-mail exchange with Alan (after the jump).

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