As a lawyer or law firm you put a lot of time, money and effort into digital publishing, probably in the form of blogging. So it’s understandable that you’d like to extend the reach of your blog by syndicating some of your posts to other sites, networks and third party distribution services.

But in doing

We’ll often have clients requesting a feature that’s outside the scope of what I’d call ‘blog standard.’ The most recent of which was to format blog titles with line breaks and special header treatment.

It’s understandable for LexBlog to receive such requests. First, Law firms have long been publishing on the net in what the

Law Blogs Wall Street Journal If you haven’t started noticing traffic coming to your law blog from the Wall Street Journal already, you soon may. I’m already seeing traffic from the WSJ and so are a number of LexBlog clients.

How? The Wall Street Journal is now running in its law section syndicated law blog posts from influential law blogs.

Westlaw is offering news and law feeds via RSS. They call it IntraClips. This is pretty cool. Now someone can subscribe to receive law by area of practice and jurisdiction and receive the feeds on their desktop news aggregators or another Internet device.

I always wondered why LexisNexis or West did not offer an