Lawyers call me all the time wanting a blog for the sole reason of higher search engine rankings. ‘I don’t care what I have to pay you, I don’t want to learn about blogging, and I don’t have time to write blog posts, I just want to rank higher than my competitors.’

Though law blogs

Blogs are a conversationLaw firms are not the only ones who do not understand blogs are not some sort of mini website you’re looking to fill up with legal information.

Blogger and journalist, Kristine Lowe, saw that BCC staffers kept fretting about filling a blog as if it were a blank page. She told them to stop looking

Blogging HeroesGenerally, I wouldn’t advise taking a look at a book billed as covering the ‘world’s top 30 bloggers.’ A blogs import is determined by the value it offers its readers, whether their be 45,000 or 200 readers.

But reading the chapter on Steve Rubel in Blogging Heroes made me realize there’s much to learn from